Sunday, May 17, 2015

a Brooklyn calling

It has been some time since I have blogged...AGAIN.  

What is so strange is that I completely forget about blogging altogether. It wasn't until recently when a piece came to me so effortlessly that I started to think about blogging again. It was a poem, a very private and personal poem that I shared only with my counselor and husband. When it was clear that they were moved by it, I realized, that just maybe, maybe what I have to say can move others and it would be good for me to share.  

Is it possible that what I see and how I see the world needs to be shared? 
I guess it is possible, so here goes. 

To begin, this is my mission statement:  
To live an authentic, generous, and creative life 
for the Glory of God. 

( a little late in life, but it is never never too late my friend) 

{Art is what opens up the window of the soul and breathes life into places that need life, helps you feel in places that haven't felt in some time and helps you sit in awe and behold beauty}.  

As I let go of all my preconceived ideas of where my life was suppose to be today at 44, and give everything over to my living Creator asking that he will use me not only to inspire, but to help others see his beauty and love and Grace. I know he loves us all and that He loves to give us the gifts of creativity. 
So my first step is to worship and pray. 
Pray for creativity as a gift that will give to others and for the blessings of God to rest on me, so that I can share creatively and financially with others, and for God to use my gifts for the flourishing of others.  

My second step is to show up ( faithfully everyday): 
I will be exploring making art and experimenting with different art processes and "showing up" for art each and every day whether it be exploration,  collecting, finding details, learning about artists that I love, or experimenting with process and equipment, I am going to just show up and begin. 

This week I experimented with Photo Transfer Process. I cannot wait to experiment more! Very excited to see what happens next. 

I did buy a gas mask too!

I don't know exactly where this journey will lead me. But I do know one thing, I will be fighting  {The War of Art} .

And you never know, as we pursue creativity together, pursue creative thinking, and problem solving, 
Maybe, together we can do our part to get educated, make beautiful things, make the world a better place through a using our creative minds to make beautiful useful things, to find solutions to problems, and maybe even solutions to major world problems such as hunger and thirst and shelter for those in need., We could inspire each other to create businesses that are about the flourishing of all human souls restoring dignity of people. 



I don't have a studio space just yet ( on my TDL) so, I decided to explore each neighborhood of NYC, all except possibly the ones where I might get into trouble or disappear without a trace from earth, (which are few and far between). And I will be creating what I can in our 10 x 10 living room/dining room.

This Sat, as I decided to get my butt off the sofa and go exploring, and so glad I did!! 

As I stepped off the train, the vibrancy of Williamsburg came alive as fresh aromas of grilled  yummies delightful tasty treats on open grills at the Smorgasburg reached my Olfactory system.  The open air restaurants that expose their interiors during the Spring by opening up large doors or windows exposing the life of conversations, good wine and food and enjoying the community of friends.  

You could sense the lifted spirits touched by the sunshine and warm breezes, amongst the colors of paintings & graffiti , and layers of flyers and stickers that have worn away with time representing moments of time where things are and were happening and people were excited to attend.  

My favorite find, and a place that I cannot wait to return was The City Reliquary. A museum of old NYC relics. The restaurant that was so awesome and I would love to return to was... this one, but I didn't get a pic of the whole name!  

I cannot remember the full name of this restaurant in Williamsburg, please comment if you know. I took the photo, but didn't take a wider angle. What a cool place!!

Now, would you like to see more images, videos, and art that will help you along the way too? Would you like me to share this journey with you? Could it inspire you?  Please chime in if you are out there reading and feel a connection to this journey. 

This week I also was asked to photograph this beautiful Brooklyn Family! 
Now, because I do love my photography work, and miss it greatly, I had so much fun!!! I am still available for sessions in Brooklyn and Manhattan for creative photo portrait sessions Through Spring. And again in Autumn.

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