Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Running NYC


I have decided to exercise more, lose this weight and get in shape (AGAIN for the 1000nth time since my tween years), gain flexibility and strength and hopefully staying strong. I know I am not alone in this what feels like a grueling battle against the inevitable aging process that will eventually win. My attitude could get negative, but, in my years of wisdom, I have also decided that any negativity is poison, and we have choices in life, and choosing positive words and grateful hearts is a choice.

Making that conscious choice each day to be grateful can begin today, and it is a daily choice for me to be grateful for the working healthy body that I have, to take care of it with nutrition and exercise and acknowledge it is my responsibility, and choose to work hard to foster strength and flexible muscles. This is my goal. To be grateful for each day and take care of what is here, it is a gift!

So, I fight, I run, making my way through the city, seeing the city and the people of the city working, moving, pushing this or that, pulling carts, and plants and dresses, and machinery, and so much more, its like a rhythm all on its own. If I were a musician, I would sit in the presence of it all and come up with rhythms on a drum or piano. What a great place to get inspired for music! (I would think).

Even when the weather is perfect, I still sometimes don't want to!! I know its going to hurt, and its going to be hard,  So, each day I am fighting against lazy attitudes, and choosing to run, walk fast, catch my breath and run again as far as my legs will go. The absolute cool thing about NYC is that I can pick a destination and ride the train home!

Although, be prepared if you choose to run in the city. Its like an aromas explosion and minute by minute it is a different smell especially on Mondays! So get ready to also give your olfactory system a good workout too. Smells of everything and anything will hit your nostrils eventually, particularly grilled chicken, hot pretzels, cigarette smoke, old fish, human urine, perfume, coffee, and absolutely not may favorite... a bit of garbage death, oh the horror.

As the pounding of my shoes hitting pavement creates a rhythm that I begin to breathe to, weaving in and out of humans all dressed up, eating their bagels and drinking their coffee, or on their phones, all busy and headed somewhere, I begin repeating over and over in my mind, "I'm still strong, I'm still young, I have a lot of life to live and give, and this battle hurts, there will be pain, there will be lots of pain! Fight through the pain to get the gain. Don't quit, don't quit because this is hard. Keep going, fight through the hurt you are a fighter. You can do this, this is your victory. This is hard, but good. Just keep going!!

One thing's for certain, a reoccurring theme in own my life is
"It is going to hurt if its going work."

Trying to figure out a reward system for myself, I've decided to visit one coffee shop each week designated "one of the best places to get coffee in NYC" and experience the "decaf" goodness ( only if I reach my goals). To start this reward system, I chose Birch Coffee on 27th in between Broadway and 5th. Rich flavor,  interior woodsy and raw metals, and I loved the colors and lighting and the handmade ceramics on the shelves. Felt very Brooklyn/ and what I have seen in Nashville recently. Really good coffee, people working there were very friendly, and for that I was grateful.

I will announce next week the next coffee adventure. 

If you have of any ideas of places to visit next.. You all can respond here. 

One of the greatest discoveries this week has been the Floral district. In Love! Brain creative overload. I'll leave you with some images snapped with thy iPhone after my run this morn! beautilicious!