Wednesday, May 20, 2015

a full day, rich in color:

For the past two days I have been wanting to experiment with the xylene photo transfer. Unfortunately, that desire has been interrupted by a very minor setback. 

My daughter was home fairly sick with a respiratory virus and fever, and not only would the fumes not be a great idea, but I was also busy needing to care for her. So, if no further set backs this week, I will resume tomorrow! 

The process starts with me having to go get laser prints made, and even before that, I have to find the images and manipulate them on photoshop. Which all takes time, which I have to set aside faithfully in trust.  

So, today, I will share with you the little moments of joy for me. Each day is such an adventure living here in NYC. Some days are definitely more than others, but seems like each day holds so much opportunity. Even if nothing is happening, if I open my eyes, and look all around me, just discovering new things, places, and even new street art is so much fun. Could this mean that I am liking it more and more here? 

So, the day started with my run. Nothing special, or if there was, I missed it because I was listening to a sermon. 

On the way to an event in Manhattan, I walked by this gem. 

A bluegrass band entertaining 1-4 year olds at the cute little farmer's market a block from the end of our street (Every Wednesday) !!

Beautiful flowers. 

The Graffiti galleries that show up everywhere you go.  This was a trailer outside on the street near the Delancy St. Subway exit. 

Passing through I didn't even photograph the film crews all over the streets. It is such a common thing to see these days. Failed to ask what they were filming today. 

Today I seemed to be more interested in the murals that were all over. 

This is Jessica, she is an amazing singer, and a passionate person lifting others up and breathing life into those all around her through nutrition and beautiful song.  I was invited to a private taping session with her and her friend. Think Broadway, and just a few people in the room. AMAZING!!! 

Ahhhh, more layers and layers of images/art/advertisements etc... everywhere that fade out, get torn, ripped, distorted, representing the passage of time and the creative minds that walk this city every day. 

Now, I will be headed to a bible study that is down the street. 
When I come home, I will have walked over 7 miles and 16000 steps. I will fall on my bed exhausted. And I will pray that I do not catch the horrible virus that my girl has!!!!! Til tomorrow... 


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