Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FAF {Forever Art Friends} and more

Hello Again! (Insert a bunch of things here that I wrote at first which would either have bored you to tears, or would have interfered with my life in the future...{hence delete})

Fast forward from all those things I deleted:

 I met Jesus 
& Kristi D. McDougal and her amazing family 
(circa 1995-1998) 

Forgiveness is a moment by moment choice. 
Forgiving myself is a new deal for me, yet a part of my daily life now.

Jesus taught me how to start being other's centered. (it is a work in progress)
Jesus taught me how to forgive and love those who hurt me. 

Kristi McDougal, and her sweet family have taught me that Jesus' love is real and tangible here on this earth, it can be experienced through each other in a fun way. 
And we really can be Christ's love to each other without hiding behind religiosity.

Fast forward, now that we are seriously forever friends 
(like, if we live long after we can see and walk, we will still be friends)...

They came to NYC to do a bit of research a couple of weeks ago. 
For me, it was like a dream come true. 

Few times in your life you meet those people that just get you and you get them. 
I feel like this about Kim Nunn and Kristi Durham, so to have them here, was so amazing. 

Kim and Kristi and I were in Art school together, and Kristi, as I just revealed earlier in this post is only a few notches below Jesus in my story. 

On this particular week in NYC,  I was able to just be with them while we trekked through galleries discovering art, drinking wine, laughing and just having so much fun... it was fantastic to say the least, and I highly recommend You booking a trip, bringing your best friends to come here on a art adventure!!!!  And while you are here you need to visit:
(Visit all the Chelsea Galleries, The MET, The Waterfall Gallery, The Heath rooftop garden bar, Williamsburg Smorgesburg, and the , The Frying Pan restaurant at sunset, And the Cornelia Street Cafe, Central Park, Beyoglu Turkish restaurant at 3rd Ave and 81st St.. Being new at this blogging gig, I wish I would have written down all the names of the artists below, but you can find them at the galleries listed above! )

oxox, K


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    2. It was as surprising and light-filled for me as you eloquently reported...reminded that God's plans are always much loftier then ours. I thought I was coming to map out a plan, it turned out that I was coming as a part of one. So thankful.

    3. You are such a fun and beautiful part of God's kingdom here and I am sure you will ever meet would feel the same. Thank you for making space for me to tag along on your adventure here! Let me know if I can help you more when you come back :)