Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I can breathe in New Hampshire

New Hampshire. 

The first thing I noticed was air flow in and out of my lungs, then the stress release form being away from the elbow to elbow daily life of NYC with living day to day with walls of people. Second, no smell of human urine. Yes, this did cross my mind. In the midst of the beauty, I wanted all my stress and worries to fall away from my heart here. the gorgeous open space, the green grass, the fresh air!!

Full honesty? The truth really is that I will never ever find complete peace in a place on earth and shouldn't even look for it here. Doesn't mean I can't really enjoy something this amazing and find rest. There are places all over the world that will help you relax.

Always seeing great beauty gives the body a good rest. This weekend, as I gazed up and down from the peak of a mountain, as I was feeling the power and strength of just the wind on a normal day there, it brought to mind how tiny and fragile we really all are, how God made man so capable to do great things, be extremely strong and do so much here on earth and yet he didn't make us infallible or omnipotent or omnipresent or indestructible.

Thankful today for 1 Peter to remind my heart of where my peace  really comes from and to teach me wisdom once again (because I need that every day). I read that this morning. "God Cares." We can cast all our anxieties on him because he cares. The very being who made all this, these huge mountains and all the beauty it brings us, cares deeply for all of us. This is good news to me today.

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