Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birds and Boats and Wings

I'd like to say no, I am never desperate, yep, I've got it all together. But, in reality that is never true. In a great moment of desperation, feeling like I must do something with what is pinned up inside and at least try.. try to make something of it. Desperate to find myself again, desperate to lose myself in Christ and for in Him Is Life, the real life I was always meant to live, Desperate to like this new City, Desperate to not be Desperate any longer. We jumped on the F and took a 30 min train ride through gunk and muck and concrete and graffiti and garbage. Although the train is usually clean and cool, to look out the windows in hopes that I will somehow like what I see is making me a bit weary. For an hour we looked to the Sea. My girl playing hooky for a photo shoot in her wings, to find sea shells and rocks and seaweed and crab shells, to see boats and hear fog horns and to flap her wings with the sea gulls. Birds and boats, and shivers is what we found. Concrete, kitschy hot dog stands and fried fish and french fries. Roller coasters and Ferris Wheels. Happiness? Not like when I reached the North Carolina shore, but more of a thankful that there was this option here. Feeling melancholy this day I reach for my favorite things.

My home in Christ,
My children,
Image making,
sewing, the sea,
sea glass,

He is here.

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  1. Beautiful...not much for words tonight, just got to catch up on your on my friend. Much love!