Monday, November 11, 2013

Blest on a Sunday

When We moved to the city, as you might assume, I suffered a bit of shell shock and culture shock adjusting to a new culture and I made some hasty what-seemed-like-a-good-decison-at-the-time kind of choices on what I was going to be doing with my time and my business.

A regular Sunday.

A typical Sunday living in NYC from kimberly on Vimeo.

One of those decisions was to blog at least 3 times a week about what all I was learning and seeing and the different places I was discovering. Seeing this city with a fresh set of eyes, and a refreshing perspective is what I had to offer at the time.

WELL, lets see, um, the blogging 3 times a week, as you can clearly see, that actually didn't happen at all.

LIFE was all I could handle for a the first several months being here. Amongst ALL the AMAZING and the good stuff there were colossal melt downs and minor emotional crises along the way.
Recovering now. On the upward swing and so thankful!!

What I wish I could have learned many many years ago, and to have put into practice years ago are:

To take one day at a time and don't make any big or small decisions out of fear EVER! Ask God to give us our daily bread and mean that. For me NOT to try to plan the BIG PICTURE but to work hard each day letting what passion God placed there lead the small action steps I take. Stay on a good honorable path, love all people equally, care of your neighbor and God will lead you to the places you need to be.

Learning that the life God chooses for us is better in NYC because he himself chose it for us, and if I open my eyes and heart, letting go of what I have always known, his choice is way way better.

So this is where where I am, daily choosing to love, to relax and trust, to make small decisions, and to take action little by little and most of all to take deep breaths and enjoy the moments and people and beauty here.  

Recently, my husband (T) has discovered imovie for some work related projects, last night, we had fun editing this video together. 

Our first clip, this first footage is raw, choppy, interesting, but not really all that exciting. Now that we know what we are wanting to film, things can only get way better from here.

Little bits about the video since there is little to no words involved...

We get to attend Tim Keller's church (one of the most profound Christian thinkers in the world) Which is AMAZING so it is not by any means"regular" but it feels kind of normal to us now, like a regular process of our new lives.

The reason we chose attending there instead of staying with the Gallery Church which we still love and care for all the people there, was because of our kids needing children's ministry with strong leaders. So we miss the Gallery's community a ton as we choose what is best for the kids, it seems also to be the best for our growth and understand at this time too.   

Honestly, when Keller is speaking, there is a tangible concentration in the room all round us as the whole church ponders over and brain chews on what he is saying about Christ. It takes all my brain power to dig into what he is saying is true sometimes. Completely Amazing. So for this season of life, this is where we are. Wishing I could somehow mix the amazing community of the Gallery with the needs of the children together!! 

We shop at Trader Joe's for their simple ingredients and prices, but we have to trek across town with heavy bags to do so. 

Amsterdam Ave is one of our very favorite streets and areas. Love it!! 

Our kids ride scooters everywhere. And there is always waiting and a bit of strife here and there btwn the siblings.

We have been living here (My husband for 11 months), I and the kids for 10 months, and is it weird that I measure our time in Mayonnaise? We have made many friends, seen some move away already, Had three visitors, visited around 5 churches, gone through around 6 Trader Joe's mayonnaise jars (that's a lot of sandwiches), seen our friends Brian and Erica twice. Met around 15 Tennesseans, 5 North Carolinians, Lia's gone through about 2000 pieces of paper, deep cleaned our apartment around 7 or 8 times, and I have been to the MET now around 5-6 times, the MOMA 3 times, Columbus Circle around 30 times or more, and as my position and frame of mind is not on as wobbly shock effected territory as it once was, it could be a good time to start this blog thing after all.

My husband, whom I greatly admire, has a completely different style of writing, completely different very interesting perspective, so I have asked him if he would also blog here once a week, and he said he would be happy to! 

Stay tuned!

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