Thursday, May 2, 2013

a blank page in Brooklyn?

So My big idea for blogging has left me staring at a blank page. 

I am living in Freaking Brooklyn NY with a 35 min train ride to Manhattan. You know... the place the Boston bombers were headed to next.

Surely there is something totalkaboutaroundherea???!!!

As I sit & debate whether I should I just let out this whole experience raw unedited, or should I pretty it up, highlighting only the things that make you smile & feel good about life and yourself? Should I blog about give-away's and helpful home tips and how to organize a small space? Should I follow that same protocol so I can gain more readers?

I could write about how my kids are suffering all kinds of meltdowns since the move coupled with irrational tantrums that strike when weariness and exhaustion is near. I could mention how everyday I have to live through some sort of physical melt down or exhausting battle of the wills in our house, but that might have you running for tissue and a Lexapro.

I could write about some of the freaky people I am meeting that seem perfectly "normal" in person only to discover after investigating their website on the business card they handed you at the baseball game that same person is selling photos of himself grabbing himself in his tighty-whities.

Or I could write about the man that is your daughter's friend's dad that is a musician and when you listened to his songs you just about fell off your chair with how vulgar the lyrics were (at least one song was).

Or would you want to see a picture or hear about the living art I see each day? There was this really bizarre young woman, fascinating really,  that passed me yesterday in her crazy behivish/50's inspired yet orange hair, bold striped tights, colorful attire & sunglasses & bows, with flower pinwheel tacked to the front of her wildly colorfully decorated scooter  and as she flew past me the pinwheel spun around and music simultaneously was piping out of her pockets for everyone to hear. She had me completely mesmerized in my boring teetering on ancient too comfortable style, and I believe I was in too much shock to even take a picture.

I could write about how a mouse got into our apartment and hid in the vacuum tube and when I was just trying to vacuum up a mess on the floor, I couldn't get the tube unstopped, so I flung it up and down hitting the end on the floor and the mouse flew out and ran across the room.

Or, I could talk about how our new sofa bed from IKEA WE hated because every time you sat on it it squeaked, and it was too hard. Being the only thing that would fit in our 9 x 9 living room, we just despised that it was so uncozy.

So, WE regretted that purchase and called IKEA's main office. Being blessed with a nice operator on the phone, she warranted the sofa and we returned it for the full price and bought this nice green sofa bed last night.

I could write about  how the brooklyn IKEA employees being really difficult and bordering on mean spirited and how I almost got in a fight with the customer service lady because she wasn't listening or being nice at all. And how my sinful nature showed its true colors that day.

Or about how we rode the bus there last night to pick out the sofa but the line was so long because they had three employees called in sick we ended up leaving after the last bus and we had pay $14 for a cab home.

All that to get the sofa delivered today, but.. I have been waiting on that sofa all day today and now it is 5 hours past the time they said they would be here by, and they are still not here. I've been on the phone for an hour & they have not found our sofa. Literally, I have been held captive all day for this sofa to arrive.

I could talk about my daughter's crazy drawing habit. What a gift, and a curse. In a 700sq ft apartment, when your daughter draws 20-200 drawings a week, and is kind of a messy person to begin with, and is constantly losing herself in her own imagination and going through 80 pieces of paper a week, and is hard to reason with because of this. I could talk about how blessed she is and how hard it is as well, but that wouldn't be very interesting either.

It is more interesting just to focus on the crazy talent she has.

I could talk about how when I have ideas in photography, they always work out like I imagine them.. 

but that would be a lie. In reality, I look at those who somehow accomplish exactly what they set out to do in total Awe.

I would love to talk about how I am always listening to God's voice.. But the reality is that I have to remind myself of this list daily, and I have to preach to my own heart the gospel daily. So I would love to say I have arrived artistically and spiritually at this amazing level where I could help you all in amazing ways, but that isn't always the case, and I just want to talk with others about Real battles and real struggles in mothering, work, and faith. 

I could tell you about my recent obsession with shopping bags? 

or my obsession with brooklyn shoes? 

Or my constant obsession that one day I will in fact design children's clothing one day. Thinking that might happen. 

Or that near all the recipes that I want to cook have avocados in it.

But, you can just follow all that on Pinterest here:

I am sooooo excited & ready to get to work here in NYC

And I have been in the acclimating phase and planning phase for 4 months. Now I am ready.

wanting to spread the word that I will be starting to take clients in Mid May 2013. I will have my new website up and running, all the processes in order and my locations picked out!  The pricing will reflect my ability to keep a vibrant business open for many years to come, and all the prices will include real Art printed out and custom printed books! The work to put all this together, even frame the images will be done for my busy clients so they don't have to. Stay tuned for the new website and the new look!!!

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