Monday, May 13, 2013

20 Observations and Insights

20 Observations and Insights to share

1. Do not touch your face or eyes or parts of your body that might itch after being In the subway and holding onto the subway poles. You will get sick or some sort of freaky unexplainable rash

2. If any man wears a collared brown shirt no matter where he is, he will look like a UPS man no matter if he is trying to or not. 

3. If you go to Target in Brooklyn, be prepared to curse often and hate humanity for a few hours.  

4. After crossing one way streets all day, when you hit that two way street and forget to look both ways like you have taught your children since they were 2, You will come 3 inches from getting slammed into by an SUV. So be careful. ( I know this by experience). 

5. You cannot count on the metro card paying the bill at the store, so do not even try it. Trader Joe's doesn't take metro cards. 

6. Hello all you lazy boys, Only REAL men offer to help a woman up or down the stairs when they are carrying a heavy grocery cart or a stroller, or a cool woman who offers to help while all you lazy boys pass by. 

7. Young men who stand too close to the subway track are not listening to their mothers!!! and I wish I could send her an instant message. 

8. Where we are sitting at fairway was 8 feet under water few months ago. Its an amazing place now!!! 

9. When you decide to drive a car through Brooklyn be prepared for any buried bitterness to resurface and show its ugly face, so actually to speed up your sanctification process (if you are a believer that is)  driving through Brooklyn might actually help bring you closer to your depravity and need for the Lord. 

10. Any whining after so long makes me want to vomit or run away .. I'm just saying

11.  There will come a time when you step off the train on the platform right into some one's vomit. And that time has come for me.

12. Men can actually have an extremely unique individualistic style other than the NC fraternity big pink checked shirt backward hanging around the neck glasses look. There are actually many looks for men, who would have thunk it? 

13. People have come up with some incredibly creative ways to carry their growing children on bicycles around here. This is just one way.. the saddle. Oh, and how about those hand cuffs for a bike lock? clever-a? 

14. You can find Australia food  at Chelsea piers, and I didn't know there was a "Australian specific" food until today. 

15. You will walk Every day way farther than you ever thought possible and not realize it until your legs start to feel like jello.  

16. Some days, u just won't find a seat on the train not at all, and it STINKS.  And some days the Train car STINKS even if you find a seat. 

17. The best seats on the subway are the seats right next to the door. So you can rest your whole body from the jerking brakes of the train, but refer to Insight #1 

19. I'm still fascinated by the shoes of NY!!!! will do a huge week of indepth focused blogging about this topic each season.. just must, because you would be amazed. 

20. Drum roll to the anti climactic number 20. I've met more people in NYC from Tennessee than any other place so far. Crazy!! Today I met someone who grew up in Memphis fairly close to me. And Hello... I am living in NYC and why are all the Tennessee people here? 

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