Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow of all things sparked this process the other day, I was just trying to focus and take pictures of the snow and to see if I could capture that feeling in a two dimensional image of being in the falling snow, to see if that were possible. 

A simple beginning. 

Living here as a new-all-my-life-southerner-introvert is a bit like walking around in a movie that I am watching, except I don't know the characters, and I a have no idea what the plot is. Nonetheless, I feel like I am on the outside looking in. 

If I can keep creating, when I do I feel extremely happy, connected to my environment and joyful regardless of random feelings of total anonymity and isolation . 

What jumps out at me daily as a loner observer of this great city is often a connection to the past stays present and in my face.

One, blatantly obvious reasons of this is of course the buildings, details, parks, trains, the past is just everywhere. Second, there is a whole lot of young people who are dressing a bit Clark Kent and a bit 1890 around here, and it is those times when the two meet, the vintage attire and look, and the details or just a location that is so close to what it used to be, all of the sudden for a split second, I feel like I have just time traveled. 

I feel images as I am making them, and somehow almost telepathically, what I am feeling comes through. I am standing in the middle of what was the past, now the present, but but almost unchanged at times like being in central park where only the road material has changed.  
With that connection, I'm also feeling the snow hit my face, my nose getting cold,  feeling my toes starting to freeze, looking around at the environment, walking through this nostalgia, the images I picked here, to me possess a timelessness. Maybe its because I am on page 253 and deeply engulfed in and being influenced by the story of Time and Again by Jack Finney.  Based in NYC and the whole plot is about time travel. And maybe that and the discovery today of the Dakota (by accident) not really sure. One thing is for sure, when I read that book, I feel a connection to his reality, when he was in the present and the past. 

there must have been a road here at one point in history. would be interesting to find out. 

(this is a selfie... try to find me )

Oh, and I  was able to paint this week! So fun and so far 3 offers to buy.. here are some examples:

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