Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer in Brooklyn

Now that Summer is in full swing, and we have a groove, I promise to post more frequently. 

So, if you want to follow this blog please know that this is what I will be committed to sharing!

• Information that will Inspire others to pursue a creative story of their own.
• To pursue a life of Worship, and diving into faith and Art.
• I try always to inform you about the places I am discovering here in NYC,
• I hope to discover kindred spirits, and potentially start a place where kindred spirits can meet and plan getting together eventually.

So as we pursue our creative stories:

Personally, in my "fantasy land," my kids would be on board and like little puppies wagging their tales at my feet enthusiastically waiting for our next creative adventure.

The reality is FAR FAR from this picture. It is a fight to get their attention, and to get my children interested in anything other than screen time!!!!!

When you see my kids involved, remember, it wasn't easy.

One week where my two tween/teens were agreeable to leaving the house was when our friends from Knoxville TN came to visit. 

We managed to visit Governor's island [and rode one of those ridiculous car bikes which turned out to be hilarious and fun], we went to Roosevelt Island (Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park [which is worth the walk in the heat] , The Reliquary Museum, the crowd line (high line)  [which is an amazing example of Landscape Architecture and how a bit of planning creates a new place that is way too freaking crowded and popular because it is so amazing].

We visited the whisper wall at Grand Central Station and the mini Transit museum,  Of Course FAO Schwarz [before the high rents in Manhattan closed down the most amazing toy stores in the USA]. We also cruised down 5th ave, window gazed and then also managed to go to the Brooklyn Flea, Artists and Fleas and Smorsgasburg,  Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, make it to The Natural History Museum [which is in need of some TLC for sure. dust specifically], The Shake Shack [ #shakeshackcreativecommunity ]twice, China Town, Little Italy for some gelato, Soho, Chelsea Piers to eat at a restaurant that is on a boat called the Frying Pan [which would have been great in the evening because of the hot sun, and finally Chelsea Market, etc, etc...  I think we wore our friends completely out!! 

Brooklyn in the Summer is full of life, heat, surprise nice summer breezes and so much to do. Its really enough to make your head spin!! 

Sometimes here in NYC the breeze is just perfect and on this Saturday, it was amazing. I stayed on the blanket in the park for a few hours until my rear end was more than numb. While we were sitting there enjoying the breeze and hearing the birds and leaves on the trees move in the wind. I asked myself how I could pursue creativity in that moment.

First I sat silently, then I sketched, then I decided to take advantage of the most unfortunate side of Prospect Park which is the little pieces of garbage people mindlessly leave behind, and make some "found" art right in the grass. I don't like touching garbage with my bare hands, so this was hard for me.

This month, I have sketched, and drawn, and painted once, but if I could just find a perfect studio space, it would be so different!! Everywhere I walk, whether I am walking to help a friend, or to the bank, or run a normal errand, I pray that God will open my eyes and I would see the creative details all around me and not be callus to them in the least.  Finally, I would like to encourage you to see music as often as you can. This U2 concert made us very happy!!! So creative!!! And of course, Bono's voice could melt anyone.

These are some resources for things to do here in the city...

One last thing, I had a job in Brooklyn, so sweet! More Please !!!

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