Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Adventure: Raleigh, Tennessee, Michigan, Canada, NYC {part one}

As I took a trip literally in a big circle through the USA, through NC TN MI and Canada back to NYC, I will be sharing bits an pieces of the experience as I come across fun pictures that I took and remember stories. I am afraid with school staring and with deadlines, I am in no place to figure out how to relay it in any specific order, but this is where I will start, nearly at the end.

Memphis. Why did I have to go begin to like Memphis a bit again? I swore that even until my dying day I would never like this place ever again.
But after a trip to see my beloved brother, spending time with family, taking trips to the Rendezvous, Peabody, Metal Museum, Beale Street, the Arcade, and the cute little town center in Collierville TN, My heart was warmed up to the idea of visiting now way more often. Believe it or not, I am maturing and growing and feeling wiser in my 40's and people like Maya Angelou,  Martin Luther King, My pastors, and of course my king Jesus have lead me to a path of forgiveness and healing old places that once made Memphis to me detestable now through forgiveness of myself, others, and embracing me now have Memphis once again an enjoyable place, and I find it just fun to be there.

We explored like tourists all week and I marveled at my once prison of a city how it has become a great place to spend time having fun and making good new memories there.

One day after a fabulously fun photo session with a friend I knew from high school, my family explored the downtown area with a fresh set of eyes. Even my brother admitted that living all the way in Collierville, he rarely made it to the city.

I was encouraged that memphis had improved Main street with stores like "Life is Good" and many other little coffee shops, ice cream and art galleries.

this next picture is just for cuteness factor as we walked by a store front where this little guy was the guard dog to the entrance. I think it was more like hanging a cute balloon in front of the store to attract visitors.

One particular store I found adorable was this one called #RedVelvet on Main near the Arcade Restaurant. , I was immediately attracted to the turquoise doors. Me.want.doors. I swear At some point in my life I have to have a renovated barn with beautiful double 9 pane glass turquoise doors and a chalkboard out front. Don't ask me why.. it just has to happen.

Red Velvet catered to the young vintage inspired rockabilly hipster-esque type, but there is simply nothing wrong with this fashion-dated 43 year old creative young at heart and soul who couldn't pull off wearing a single thing in that place without making someone question my sanity for me to simply sit back and admire what the youth this day and age is embracing in wanting more elegant beauty and enjoy the creativity in their design.

I mean, really, When I was young enough to pull off this kind of style,  I lived in an era of poodle hair,  parachute pants, shoulder pads, sweaters tucked into acid washed high hipped pleated button front jeans. So, almost everything is an improvement from when I was young and my skin was still youthful and my legs didn't jiggle.

So, if you are too young to know about this, just watch Karate Kid 3 and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

I did find these old tires turned into ottomans particularly adorable and the guy who makes them also drives around in a pink caddie giving a vintage tour of Memphis in kind of a kitschy quirky way.

The man's name is actually Tad Pierson, and honestly, I think he has to be one of the most interesting people on the planet. Way to go Tad : http://www.memphisdowntowner.com/my2cents-pages/Tad-Pierson.html

The young woman sporting a sleeve here was adorbs as well, and she is in a band. wishing I could find her business card which disintegrated in my suitcase somewhere. The clothes at this boutique would challenge any Brooklyn best and the prices would compete too.

My kids taller than me son and 544 Main which is nothing special, mainly because it was a closed gallery and I couldn't go in, but just a cool door and great lighting and a limited time where both kids were actually willing to look at me and stand next to each other without trying to hit, scratch, attack or kill the other sibling. A rare moment.

This is the Arcade. A staple of Memphis because it is the oldest restaurant that is still active and busy and has survived years of being able to hear a pin drop downtown. It is now enjoying the bit of revival in the area. Great for me to see.

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